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Track, Connect and Share Golf.

Golfnia is a social networking site enabling golfers
to further enjoy the game along with their golfing buddies.
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What is Golfnia?  

What is Golfnia?

Golfnia is social golf application enabling golfers to further enjoy the game along with their golfing buddies. For some, it feels like Facebook... but for golfers and with special applications only golfers will enjoy.
track and map  

Track & map the courses
you have played

Take a trip down memory lane building your list of courses played. We will map them for you. Then, you can share your map with your friends and tweeps.

What is Golfnia?  

Connect to your golf buddies

No pseudo-friends here. No blasts from your past. Only your golf buddies. Take the 19th hole experience online with Golfnia's social capabilities.

Build your golf bucket list

Our tool will help you build that list of courses that you dream of playing. Sharing that list with your golf buddies will only help you get on that special course.

track and map  

Compare your list against the
Top 100 Courses

If you are like us when you see a Top 100 list, you scan it noting which you have played and which you want to play. We make that easy with our Tracker capability. Try it now.
Golfnia videos  

Golfnia how to videos

We have created some how to videos to help you better enjoy our site, from registering to adding courses; check them all out.
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